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BB588 African Queen

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43 cm altezza

74 cm lunghezza

21 cm larghezza

1:12 scala

Despite its modest size and apparance, the African Queen is one of the vessels which has become most vividly engraved on the minds of many people throughout the world. The African Queen achived its frame as one of the main characters in a film of the same name. The movie also featured Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, who in the filmed version of C.S. Forrester’s work, play a British missionary and an alcoholic engineer living in Tanzania during World War 1. While sailing on one of the many jungle rivers, the couple become involved in a number of emotional incidents ending, ofcourse, in romance. As the movie closes, the couple – totally exhausted and in a perilous storm – are driven into Lake Victoria, where the African Queen hits the German Warship ‘Königin Luise’, causing it to explode and sink. The ship used for the on location shooting in Uganda was built in about 1910. After a stormy life, the boat was brought to Florida, where its present owner, Mr. Jim Hendrich, uses the renovated ship as a pleasure craft.